Affiliated labs

Dr. Jamie Reilly’s Lab

Memory, Concepts and Cognition Laboratory
Jamie Reilly, Ph. D., Director

The Memory, Concepts and Cognition Laboratory focuses its research in the fields of semantic memory, psycholinguistics, and the representation of object knowledge in the human brain. In addition to science research, the lab is currently developing novel treatments that promote language maintenance in Alzheimer’s Disease and Frontotemporal Degeneration. For more information about the Memory, Concepts and Cognition Laboratory, please click here.

Dr. Gerry A. Stefanatos’ Lab

Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory
Gerry A. Stefanatos, D. Phil., Director

Research in the Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory focuses on studies of the efficacy of behavioral and psychopharmacologic treatments in disorders of language, spatial cognition, and attention. This research integrates neuropsychological, neurophysiological, and functional imaging techniques to understand brain plasticity and the neural changes that accompany recovery and learning in acquired and developmental disorders. For more information about the Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory, please click here.

Drs. Gayle DeDe & Edwin Maas’ Lab

Speech, Language and Brain Lab (a.k.a. the SLAB Lab)
Gayle DeDe, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Co-Director
Edwin Maas, Ph.D., Co-Director

Research in the SLAB Lab focuses on understanding speech and language disorders such as aphasia and apraxia of speech, and how best to treat such disorders. This theoretically motivated and clinically relevant research combines a range of behavioral methods and measures including eyetracking, reaction times, acoustic analysis, and treatment research. The long-term goal is to improve diagnosis and treatment for speech and language disorders.


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