People with Aphasia

We are currently seeking persons with aphasia to participate in our research about treatment of language and cognitive impairment in aphasia.  The study procedure consists of testing your speech, language, memory and organization.  Following completion of testing we would ask you to enroll in one of our aphasia treatment programs.  This can last from four weeks up to one year.   The purpose of the treatment program is to improve your short-term memory for words. This means we aim to help you hold in your mind the words that you hear or want to say before they “slip away.”  The ability to hold words in short-term memory is essential for speaking and understanding language.  Improving this ability  should help to improve your everyday use of words and sentences and your short-term memory abilities as well.  If you are a person with aphasia and would like more information in participating in our research please call 215-204-4350 or email


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